Shop merchant’s gesture :

This morning i renewed my 10 week FirstBus network student pass at a DayToDay shop in Lanarkshire.

After getting the Renewal pass from the shop merchant I hurried off to the nearest bus stop to come to
GCU as an express bus was expected at that time in that bus stop.

As I was waiting, I checked my shirt pocket for my GCU ID card only to find it missing. It then struck me that I may have left it in the shop itself.

When I thought I should go back to the shop, I was pleasantly surprised to see the shop merchant at a distance walking towards me waving to show my GCU ID card held in his hands and at this point of time I saw my express bus approaching my bus stop.

I ran towards that shopman and thanked him profusely for his gracious gesture of bringing my GCU ID card to the bus stop itself and then I boarded the bus that had just stopped to let passengers in.

Thanks to this shop merchant for his timely & helpful gesture without which I could not have reached GCU in time this morning.


2 thoughts on “Shop merchant’s gesture :

  1. alialferjani

    Hi Hari. Because you are a good man, you will find people whose will help you especially in a critical time. We, Arab, say “do good things and you will find good things”. And thanks for that man who helped you.

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