Waiting in ‘Queues’ Quietly for quite a while: The “UK” style:

Coming from a populous country like India where queues quickly get disorderly with latecomers jumping queues without due regard for others thus leading to frequent altercations, It surprises me a lot to know that UK people can wait like disciplined soldiers for hours together in “A&E” (Accident & Emergency) department of NHS hospitals in order to be triaged without causing any commotion in the meantime, whatsoever.

They meticulously maintain this quiet “Queuing up” attitude whether be in Bus stations, Train stations or airports and to cap it all they unhurriedly proceed in queues of road traffic without honking their vehicle horns which is unimaginable in India.

Taking a cue from them, Nowadays, iam courteous enough to board and deboard buses only after letting my fellow passengers to proceed ahead of me.


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