Nervous November :

With six weeks remaining out of the total twelve weeks of Trimester-A, I look back to note that in the last 6 weeks, i had been assessed only for 55 marks (10+30+15 towards PIL, Obj.test, Data analysis) out of 400 marks totally for 4 modules.

Looking ahead, I have assessments for 69 marks (2+20+20+12+15 towards PDP1, Dietary & Podiatry Workshops, Group presentation, Critical review) spread across 3 modules this month.

With a bulk of assessments for 216 marks due next month, this November really makes me nervous in terms of time management and the tightly-packed Assignment schedules.


One thought on “Nervous November :

  1. hsoe200

    You are right., Hari. Although there will be many things to accomplish this month., i believe you will complete each and every assessments with high marks and best results.
    I hope everybody in the class could do well and pass with good marks at the end of the trimester.

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