Passing a car driving test in UK is quite a task:

Though I have decades of driving experience in highly crowded narrow streets in India, I was surprised when my driving instructor told me that it is quite common for experienced Asian drivers to fail in the UK driving test at least a couple of times before they pass. After passing the computer-based UK theory driving test which had multiple choice questions and computer- simulated hazard perception test, I recently booked a test date for my UK practical car driving test, and the earliest date I could get was in February 2015 at the nearby test centre. When I reflect on my driving lessons with my instructor this evening, I feel getting a UK car driving licence involves following road rules rigorously, being courteous to fellow road users and importantly not honking the car horn. Entering & Negotiating roundabouts in the correct lane and timing the direction indicator signal before our intended exit of the roundabout are important elements in passing the practical test besides doing the three manoeuvres ( Parallel parking, reverse round the corner and turning in the road) to the satisfaction of the DSA examiner.


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