Bio-mechanical aspects of footwear that we need to pay attention to:

This evening i took my wife to Intersports, a footwear shop, to get her a pair of shoes. The salesman there explained about doing a free foot balance analysis for her with the aid of a computerised appliance available in the shop to decide the exact type of footwear to choose from.

She was asked to stand on a glass-panelled platform of the foot balance analysis appliance connected to a computer and when she stood on it, the transparent glass surface underneath her feet lit up showing her weight-bearing pressure points of the feet on their plantar surface in green colour, then she was asked to turn 180 degrees in the standing position first with whole feet on the platform of the appliance and subsequently with raised toes.

Once she got off the appliance, the salesman showed the computer captured images of the biomechanics of her feet in terms of transverse & longitudinal arches and also if there was over pronation or over supination of her landing feet.

At this point of time I recalled how my GCU podiatry professor Stuart Baird had demonstrated the biomechanics of foot in the class during his recent lecture on the importance of pressure-relieving footwear.

As my better-half was found to be over pronating her feet she was suggested over pronation correction shoe with moulded insoles to distribute the pressure points.



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