Lessons learnt from presentations :

I have done two PowerPoint presentations in the last 2 days. Regardless of the hard work that we put into preparing our slides in terms of Content & illustrations, it ultimately boils down to the basics of how effectively we deliver it to our audience.

The two assessors who are assigned to mark our presentation are seated among the audience, and they watch us intently for our confidence, body language and the flow during our time-based presentation. Obviously those presenters who keep their nerves under check during this period of intense scrutiny tend to fare better.

What I have learnt from my recent performances is that, in order to avoid tapping on the desktop computer’s keyboard I should hereafter use a slide-transiting aid, a laser pointing device and a speaking points reminding hand-held paper bit to focus on important points on our slides without losing eye contact with our audience. Practice and rehearsals are the other essentials that will stand us in good stead.


One thought on “Lessons learnt from presentations :

  1. wrashi200

    i think you are absolutely right, these devices while help the presenter to focus on what he/she want to say rather than worrying about the computer and the keyboard and that is really essential for smooth delivery of the presentation material.



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