Treat your FEET as you would your FACE :

During the course of my recent clinical podiatry session at SGH, I listened to the perceptions of persons with Diabetes mellitus with complications relating to the blood & nerve supply of their feet.

Whether it is impaired vascularity or insensate feet, the day to day distress of living with it as expressed & experienced by them made me realize that, of all the complications of diabetes it is Diabetic foot syndrome that carries an enormous element of depression in them than those pertaining to Heart, Eye, Kidney & brain.

Being able to stand on our feet and walk is something we all take for granted. It is worth remembering the famous quote: I was lamenting that I did not have a “footwear” until I saw a person “without feet”.

Looking after our feet and using proper well-fitting footwear are of foremost importance. It is true that we generally don’t realise the value of something that we have, until it is lost.



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