Comparison of Cappuccino Coffee taste of the 4 GCU encore cafes:

Being an avid coffee drinker, in the first 9 months since January 2014, I was using the coin-operated coffee vending machine at Saltire centre for my cappuccino coffee costing £1 per cup but did not go for the regular cappuccino coffee at saltire centre encore shop that was £1.70 per cap mainly because I wanted to avoid standing in the long queue to get it from Encore outlet.

But in the first week of October 2014, the coin-operated coffee vending machine wasn’t working and so on that day, I had to go for the Encore cappuccino coffee (cost per cup of cappuccino coffee then was £1.80) at saltire centre and to my surprise this coffee taste was really delicious. Out of the two coffee making machines at Saltire centre Encore shop the one near the fridge makes far-better tasting coffee than the other one near the door of saltire centre encore cafe.

The high aroma emitting coffee machine at Govan Mbeki building Encore shop makes good coffee like the similar ones at CEE building and at Refectory in Hamish wood building but they are definitely below par with the cappuccino coffee taste of the coffee made by saltire centre encore cafe coffee making machine near the fridge there.

Unfortunately, my favourite coffee making machine (Semi-manual) at saltire centre encore cafe is under repair for the past 4 days and is expected to be back in action in a couple of days. Till then I have reconciled myself to taking the coffee made by the other machine at Saltire centre encore shop much to my dislike.


2 thoughts on “Comparison of Cappuccino Coffee taste of the 4 GCU encore cafes:

  1. biosuite2011

    Are you sure it’s the machine that’s making the coffee taste nicer or could it be the barista who is more skilled at operating the machine. I don’t drink coffee, but my husband engages in similar conversations grading the coffee served at different locales around Glasgow. His particular favourites are Offshore in Gibson Street, Tinderbox in Byres Road and Smile Cafe in Queen Margaret Drive (which he reckons is the best of all).

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    1. hvarad200 Post author

      Thank you for suggesting the three places in Glasgow where good coffees are served. I would say, the role of a skilful barista behind the coffee-making machine is secondary to the primary role of best brewing capacity of a coffee-making machine. Kindly view my other Blog mentioning about your voice attributes titled ” Voice-alike” but not “Look-alike” (Frances & Lesley). Thank you.



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