PDP 2- What transpired and What transformation got discussed ?

On Friday, 5th December 2014 afternoon We, the three group members of Skills module session B, sat together for a round-table discussion under the mentorship of our module Leader, Mrs.Frances MacInness, who set the ball rolling by speaking about the importance of team working ability, inter-personal skills and cross-cultural communication attribute that are expected of a job aspirant in a highly competitive employment arena.

Frances encouraged and goaded all the members to participate in the discussion about what we liked or disliked about our GCU experience and also ‘What we would like to see ourselves as’ in the next 3 to 5 years time. One of the members said that she would feel more comfortable while doing presentations to a larger audience in hundreds than to a gathering in tens. Factors such as Cultural shock, difficulty in comprehending the accentuated Scottish accent of some Glaswegians and the unpredictable Scotland weather were expressed by many group members.

Another member sagely opined that fulfilling all academic aspirations before tying oneself to the nuptial part of life should be actively considered, if feasible. My perception was that this PDP 2 discussion was lively, informative and enjoyable.


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