Voice-alike but not Look-alike : (Frances & Lesley) AND (Heather & Sue) :

It is common to hear about Look-Alike but it is uncommon to hear about Voice-Alike.
In January 2014, I heard my MSc programme coordinator Mrs. Frances MacInnes speak during induction classes. A month later, in February 2014, when I first heard Mrs. Lesley Ann MacRae, a psychologist, speak about psychosocial factors in Diabetes, I immediately felt I had heard a voice similar to Lesley before and in a flash I realised it was none other than that of Frances MacInnes which I confirmed the same day by listening to the earlier voice recordings of Frances in my iPhone voice Memos. This is what I call voice similarity that I observed in my Trimester B among my tutors.

Let me now tell you about the striking voice similarity that my brain’s auditory recognition software alerted me to, in November 2014, wherein within seconds of listening to the lecture of our senior GCU Librarian, Mrs. Heather Marshall, it struck me that her voice attributes were without an iota of doubt, strikingly similar to that of Mrs. Sue Lang, a microbiologist who was one of my module leaders in Trimester B.

Hence, I conclude from my above qualitative voice analysis study, that Voice-alike are not uncommon even within GCU and particularly within its School of Health and Life sciences.

My Harvard style Reference:

Hari, V., 2014. Are Voice-alike as common as Look-alike?. A qualitative voice transcripts’ analysis of Frances MacInnes, Lesley Ann MacRae AND Heather Marshall, Sue Lang [iPhone 4S voice memos]: School of Health and Life Sciences, Glasgow Caledonian University: Glasgow.


4 thoughts on “Voice-alike but not Look-alike : (Frances & Lesley) AND (Heather & Sue) :

    1. hvarad200 Post author

      Krista, that was an interesting question. I know you are a multi-faceted talent and you are so effective in multi-tasking that you will soon overpower this language barrier and march towards your ambitions sooner than later. Thank you.


    1. hvarad200 Post author

      Krista, I will try to send you the voice recording of Dr Ann Graham, who spoke about genetics of Diabetes Mellitus, by the end of next week as I will have to sit with my brother in law, a computer engineer who will help retrieve those audio files from my iCloud backup.

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