Treat your FEET as you would your FACE :

During the course of my recent clinical podiatry session at SGH, I listened to the perceptions of persons with Diabetes mellitus with complications relating to the blood & nerve supply of their feet.

Whether it is impaired vascularity or insensate feet, the day to day distress of living with it as expressed & experienced by them made me realize that, of all the complications of diabetes it is Diabetic foot syndrome that carries an enormous element of depression in them than those pertaining to Heart, Eye, Kidney & brain.

Being able to stand on our feet and walk is something we all take for granted. It is worth remembering the famous quote: I was lamenting that I did not have a “footwear” until I saw a person “without feet”.

Looking after our feet and using proper well-fitting footwear are of foremost importance. It is true that we generally don’t realise the value of something that we have, until it is lost.



GCU-Passive smokers’ health-protective measures :

Interestingly, as I entered the saltire centre yesterday after finishing my presentation at Govan Mbeki building on the health effects of secondhand smoke exposure in passive smokers, I saw posters pasted at every level of saltire centre by GCU-Students association about the decision of provision of two designated shelters for smokers, one near the ARC centre and the other one at the other end of GCU premises.

It is heartening to note that smoking within GCU other than in the above mentioned designated shelters has been declared violative of GCU’s smoke-free campus policy and will therefore attract disciplinary action.

I fervently hope that this will help protect our Library staff seated near the main door of Saltire centre level one, from the harmful health effects of third hand smoke, that they were subjected to in the recent months, by second hand smoke blown out by the active smokers from their self-created smoking area, just outside the main door of Hub of GCU activity.IMG_1010.JPG

Lessons learnt from presentations :

I have done two PowerPoint presentations in the last 2 days. Regardless of the hard work that we put into preparing our slides in terms of Content & illustrations, it ultimately boils down to the basics of how effectively we deliver it to our audience.

The two assessors who are assigned to mark our presentation are seated among the audience, and they watch us intently for our confidence, body language and the flow during our time-based presentation. Obviously those presenters who keep their nerves under check during this period of intense scrutiny tend to fare better.

What I have learnt from my recent performances is that, in order to avoid tapping on the desktop computer’s keyboard I should hereafter use a slide-transiting aid, a laser pointing device and a speaking points reminding hand-held paper bit to focus on important points on our slides without losing eye contact with our audience. Practice and rehearsals are the other essentials that will stand us in good stead.

Supermarkets’ pricing trends :

So much used to Tesco’s customer service, product quality and variety, I reluctantly tried shopping at Aldi recently upon my friend’s suggestion. To my astonishment, for the number of items in my shopping trolley, the Aldi bill was easily 20 to 30 percent less than what it would have cost me for the same buy list at Tesco.

Admittedly, the variety of products available at Tesco is definitely huge but the obvious price difference of common day to day use food items between Tesco & Aldi may have been the reason for many loyal Tesco brand customers to adopt a “split shopping pattern” wherein certain specific brand items that are not available at Aldi can be shopped at Tesco.

It is no wonder that the profit margins of 4 Supermarket giants of UK (Waitrose, Tesco, Morrisons and Asda) have been dented to some extent in the last few quarters by the Germany based shops in UK namely “Aldi & Lidl”.

Bio-mechanical aspects of footwear that we need to pay attention to:

This evening i took my wife to Intersports, a footwear shop, to get her a pair of shoes. The salesman there explained about doing a free foot balance analysis for her with the aid of a computerised appliance available in the shop to decide the exact type of footwear to choose from.

She was asked to stand on a glass-panelled platform of the foot balance analysis appliance connected to a computer and when she stood on it, the transparent glass surface underneath her feet lit up showing her weight-bearing pressure points of the feet on their plantar surface in green colour, then she was asked to turn 180 degrees in the standing position first with whole feet on the platform of the appliance and subsequently with raised toes.

Once she got off the appliance, the salesman showed the computer captured images of the biomechanics of her feet in terms of transverse & longitudinal arches and also if there was over pronation or over supination of her landing feet.

At this point of time I recalled how my GCU podiatry professor Stuart Baird had demonstrated the biomechanics of foot in the class during his recent lecture on the importance of pressure-relieving footwear.

As my better-half was found to be over pronating her feet she was suggested over pronation correction shoe with moulded insoles to distribute the pressure points.


Phone-speaking in Public places:

I have observed that most of the natives in the UK,
Whether it is on Train or bus or places of public gathering, speak over their mobile phones in a low voice in monosyllables without causing noise pollution.

Whereas in my country, Iam used to people talking loudly over their mobiles oblivious of others’ presence around and in the process unintentionally making public the content of what is supposed to be a private conversation, I have now imbibed this UK style of mobile phone speaking sense to the extent of using hushed tone while answering or making calls on the move.

PayM-a handy mobile payment option in UK to pay friends & others:

My friend recently booked for a in show in Theatre Royal-Glasgow scheduled to be held this weekend for his family and also for my family. When I gave him the money for the theatre tickets he did not accept it. Then I thought of PayM-a mobile payment facility whereby we can transfer money instantly to another person’s UK bank account by just typing their mobile number in our mobile banking app without knowing any of their bank account details.

Within minutes of me doing this money transfer, my friend phoned me asking how I had credited his bank account ( he had just then received a text alert on his mobile from his bank which showed that I had paid into his account ) without him ever divulging his bank account details to me. I told him about this PayM service and added that I also use it for paying Sundry domestic service people like Window cleaners & Handyman by transferring money to their bank account just with their mobile numbers.

To receive money into your bank account through PayM from your friends, you don’t have to be an online-banking or mobile banking enabled customer whereas for making the transfer through PayM you need to have these e-services enabled in your bank account. Upto 1.6 million people in UK have so far registered for this PayM service.