GCU-Passive smokers’ health-protective measures :

Interestingly, as I entered the saltire centre yesterday after finishing my presentation at Govan Mbeki building on the health effects of secondhand smoke exposure in passive smokers, I saw posters pasted at every level of saltire centre by GCU-Students association about the decision of provision of two designated shelters for smokers, one near the ARC centre and the other one at the other end of GCU premises.

It is heartening to note that smoking within GCU other than in the above mentioned designated shelters has been declared violative of GCU’s smoke-free campus policy and will therefore attract disciplinary action.

I fervently hope that this will help protect our Library staff seated near the main door of Saltire centre level one, from the harmful health effects of third hand smoke, that they were subjected to in the recent months, by second hand smoke blown out by the active smokers from their self-created smoking area, just outside the main door of Hub of GCU activity.IMG_1010.JPG


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